About Our Team


Core of the work force!

The trucking industry relies on safe drivers to complete deliveries. Often referred to as the backbone of American industry, truck drivers are typically thought of as the foundation of the system. However, they are not the only employees responsible for its success.  



The dispatcher's job is to schedule drivers to pick up and deliver loads to customers or vendors.

Dispatchers are also responsible for keeping records, monitoring driver daily logs for errors or violations and monitoring drivers' working hours and equipment availability.  Another part of the job is knowing the weather of all your drivers' locations in order to flag potential issues. There are numerous computer programs to aid dispatchers in their job, but much of the work requires good intuition and knowledge of the industry.


Safety Team

The Safety & DOT Compliance team ensures that the company is in compliance with all DOT Federal and State rules and regulations and provide training, instruction and guidance in these areas. The Safety and DOT Compliance Manager would also be responsible for maintaining OSHA compliance and be knowledgeable of health and safety standards, corporate policies and procedures, best practices and access to additional resources as needed.